Use Green-Cleaners !


You don’t always have to use expensive chemical agents to clean your home. Several green cleaners can work as a good alternative to some these harmful chemical cleaners. In fact, green cleaners not only help in protecting the discharge of chemicals into the surroundings but also help in the protection of flora and fauna. Most of the chemical cleaners that are advertised on television and elsewhere have volatile organic compounds that include formaldehyde or even harsh acids. These harmful chemicals not only cause several irritations of the eye, nose and throat but also culminate in the quiet destruction of our planet. Some of these volatile organic compounds also have proved to cause cancer in several animals and others in human beings. There are several issues that you need to be concerned about especially when you consider the cleanliness factor inside your homes.
Here are a few natural cleaning agents that you could try to turn your home into a green home:

1) White vinegar:

This can be used for some purposes that include cleaning the carpets, windows, walls and also woodwork. Even issues like dirt-caked electronic peripherals and devices can be easily cleaned with the help of white vinegar. Even your computers, fax machines or other such devices can be easily cleaned. You can clean the rugs in your home and also wipe off the carpet stains. Furthermore, if you are a person who fancies leather furniture, then white vinegar is the best to keep them spick and span. When white vinegar is used together with linseed oil, it can work wonders in reviving the lost luster of your furniture. Also, your silverware items can be spruced up by sparkling a moderate amount of white vinegar onto it. Use baking soda for a better finish.

2) Cornmeal:

This is best used to clean rugs and other upholstery. When it is about cleaning musty carpets or dust-caked rugs, cornmeal has always proved to be a wonderful cleansing agent. It is extremely inexpensive and can be easily available too. Cleaning the spills on upholstery is indeed a very defying task. In such situations, a few drops of cornmeal can help in the removal of dirt from the surface. It is also used as an excellent grease absorber. Even the stains on the light colored can be easily removed using white cornmeal. You do not have to use chemical agents to ward off tough stains on your clothes. Instead, you can remove theme easily using a dab of cornmeal.

3) Lemons:

Lemon essential oils are used widely to clean stains and are considered to be the best cleaning agents used in homes. These oils are not only antimicrobial but also antiseptic. The best way to deodorize the dirt in your garbage is to add lemon peels to it. It naturally ameliorates the odor and reduces the strong stench. Lemon juice is used as a bacteria-killer and also to reduce the germs in your kitchen. The calcium and lime deposits can be easily dissolved with the help of lemon oils. Furthermore, the stains inside your refrigerators and microwave ovens can also be cleaned using these oils. It can also be used as a toxic rust remover and can help your sink sparkle.

4) Olive oil:

This is another natural cleaning agent and quick remedy for dirt and grime accumulation in one’s home. It is used to polish wood furniture.Dab olive oil on the furniture and wipe it with a soft cloth. You can also add vegetable oil or lemon oil to make a good green cleaning solution. This has also been proved to be a very quick solution to creaking door hinges that are everybody’s concern. You can also clean your wicker furniture with the same solution. If you would wish to buff your stainless steel and turn them into sparkling clean utensils, then olive oil is one of the best solutions.

5) Castile soap:

This can be called as an excellent floor scrubber or cleaner. Initially, make a solution of Castile soap, lemon oils, and warm water. Then, mix them thoroughly and use the solution to clean the floor. This wards off most of the germs on your floor. It can be considered as a must-have especially when you have little kids or toddlers crawling on the floor. You can also use the solution to clean your windows. Sprinkle the solution on the window panes and mirrors to get a clear finish. You might not be aware of this, but Castile soap has also been used as a toilet scrub! Make a solution with few spoons of baking soda, Castile soap and warm water and squirt all of this onto the toilet. Wait for about fifteen minutes. Then you can scrub and flush the same. This not only one of the best alternate to the use of harmful toxic toilet cleaners but also gives a fresh, natural feel.

6) Black tea:

If you are worried about using chemical cleaners to clean wooden floors, then back tea is the best substitute. Black tea is said to contain a property to wipe off any amount of microbes on your floors. It also helps in maintaining the natural color of your hardwood floor. Sometimes the wooden floors lose luster easily due to abrasion and heavy treading especially when there are many people in your home. In such cases, you can use black tea to clean the floors. It is a natural green cleaner and considered to better than any other chemical cleaner. A quick mop or wipe can help in cleaning the dust accumulated on the floor. You don’t even have to overdo it. A little amount of black tea will do the job.

Most of the green cleaners mentioned above are easily available and also abundant. Furthermore, they do not harm the environment and help in protecting the environment and also conserving the natural habitats by reducing the discharge of harmful chemicals. Moreover, nowadays the usage of chemicals has also caused the destruction of flora and fauna on a large scale. Therefore, we need to reduce and curb the usage of toxic chemical cleaners and switch to the natural products!

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