Using the Car on the Road

If you choose a right car, drive it wisely and less ( as much as possible ) and use public transport too at the same point, and then you are surely contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases. For many of us, cars have now become an inseprable part of our lives, though we know that they are definately not one of the most eco-friendly media of transportation. However, if you are sure that you can’t do without one then follow these few simple ways to reduce fuel consumption and to contribute to saving non-renewable resources as well as creating less pollution. Give it a try for a month and you’ll be definately suprised by the amount of savings you make.


Though it seems impossible to drive smoothly on indian roads,  however, you should try to drive as smoothly as you can. Refrain from using acceleration and brakes unnecessarily and use gears to slow down. Be more alert on the road and try to anticipate road and traffic conditions. If you are sucessful in doing so, you won’t be suprised by a sudden traffic jam. Moreover suddenly speeding up and slowing down requires more fuel. So, try to avoid those with heavy traffic flow and look for some alternative route with less traffic flow. Leave a reasonable gap between two cars so that you have the enugh speed to change your speed according to the one that is standing infront of your car therby maintaing flow of traffic. Press the pedals of your car more gently so as to avoid braking and acceleration with a suddem jerk as doing so will use more fuel than usual. Remember driving in top gear is always more economical than driving in lower gear. If you own a manual car and not the automatic one, then shift through the gears to avoid the chugging sound that acompanies it which indicate that the engine is strained. Driving car in fifth gear enables the drive shaft to turn faster than the engine crankshaft and so the engine runs slowly and saves fuel. Also, it reduces engine wear and tear making your car going strong for a long time. Don’t drive at very high speeds. Try to cut it down on speed as much as posible, as speed is directly propotional to the fuel consumption, i.e., higher the sped more will be the fuel consumption. Driving your car in third gear uses more fuel than when the car is driven in fifth gear.  Apart from this driving at high speeds have that additional risk factor also as it can be dangerous to our life as well as that of others. Consider rolling your windows for some time and switching off you air conditioners. Running your car air conditioners on a hot day increases your fuel consumption by 15 per cent if you continue using the same in a still car or a slow moving car. At higher speeds though the air conditioners are more efficient, still it uses about 11 per cent more fuel than when you switch it off. Clean your car at home regularly to make sure you are not carrying any extra weight in your car. Give your car for service regularly to make sure that your car remains in top condition everytime you take it out for a drive. Remove all the unnecessary items from your car as they add up to the wind resistance thereby making it a harder trip for your car. Removing them also lets you save your fuel by 20 per cent! Make sure that every time you stop at a red light or get stuck in a traffic jam you turn off the engine of the car. I this way you can save a lot of fuel than what used in restarting the engine of your car. If you use a roof rack for a camping trip, reduce wind resistance by taking it off afterwards.


So, here are some ideas on how to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Making a number of short trips can use twice as much fuel as on multi-purpose trip covering  the same distance when the engine is warmed-up and efficient . In this way you will not only save time by avoiding multiple trips on the same route and will also cut a lot on the amount of fuel consumption .  Look for ways to combine shopping with other things if possible like while returning from office or from a kitty or a party pick up grocery items from an on the way grocery shop and so saving fuel. Try to avoid peak – hour traffic whenever possible . Car pooling is an amazing option if you want the comfort of a car and don’t like the idea of using public transport. Check out your if your neighbours or your friends in nearby area travel to similar destination as yours. Car sharing schemes are pretty popular in many European countries as well as USA . These concepts are believed to revolutionise the way people own a private car . It is basically based on the concept of short- term rental . In this scheme you need to pay the membership fee based on the number of hours of usage of the car on hourly basis . Some of the advantages of this method are as follows :

It is convenient as you are available with car whenever you need one . It is more suitable for those who use public transport for travelling to work but needs a car for weekend trips and family outings. Also, it comes easy in your pocket as you needn’t buy a car and look out for its additional maintenance charges along with service charges, coverage insurance registration and all. Apart from this , it is a more eco – friendly method for commuting  . If this method gains more momentum in recent times and becomes a hit among masses then , it will for sure drastically reduce the number of cars on the road , thereby cutting a lot of fuel consumption and fuel emissions as well .