Waste Watchout!


Choosing products with an eco-friendly packaging is an easy way to reduce what goes into your dustbins and then ultimately into landfill sites. Reusing instead of throwing away makes economic as well as good environmental sense- not only that, devising ingenious ways to reuse household items fun. And whatever you put for recycling will ultimately come back to your place in some other form!

Reduce, reuse and recycle: adopt this tree R’s in your day to day life, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can put to use and save.


Sit and think, and you’ll be surprised by the number of creative and clever ideas that get into your mind to reuse used and old household items which till now you thought as nothing more than waste. T o help you out here are some innovative ideas to use your so called ‘waste’:

1. To hold a travel sewing, kit use an old , empty film canister.

2.Attach two clothes pegs at either of the ends of a coat hanger to make a skirt hanger.

3. Small, empty vegetable oil cans can be turned into beautiful and attractive pots for holding cooking utensils.

4. Old shoeboxes can be turned into store boxes to preserve photographs, bills and receipts.

5. Convert old cans into hangers to hold bulbs and air plants or epiphytes by removing their lids.

6. Reuse old and empty squeeze bottles for storing homemade cleaning products or to water your plants.


While going for buying fruits and vegetables and fruits try to carry your cloth, jute or paper bag, and thereby avoiding the use of plastic bags. Look out for products while shopping that have got minimum packaging or have retainable/reusable containers. It is always advisable to buty products or items that can be reused like, buying rechargeable batteries instead of buying single-use ones. Buy adhesive address labels so that you can reuse the ones that are in good condition. School and child care centres can make use of a variety of discarded goods for art, craft and play activities. Stall holders at grower’s market are often more than happy to receive old egg cartons, which they reuse for fresh eggs.


Before tossing away your old clothes, shoes, books, toys and magazines think about passing it on to someone who needs it. Belief me, you will feel good.

Hospitals and clinics often requre toys , books and magazines for wating room so you can donate such things to them. Many charities collect old cards to make new ones out of them and resell them to raise fund for charities, so if you want to do charity but dont know how to do than you can to it through this way or you can also donate your books and toys to your under priveledged counter parts. Vets and pet shops would readily accept old newspapers for shredding. Some companys takes old shoes to convert them to athletic mats or some other such purposes. Clothes and bedlinens are often collected by charity organisations to distribute it to the ones in need or turn them into rags to sell so as to raise fund for the people.


A worm farm reduse garbage by turning organic waste and paper into nutrient rich casting for plants . Generally available from youyr garden centre or council, a worm farm will fit into a small space in a garden or a shed, on a shady balcony or under hanging eaves. It is a great way of reducing your waste in an eco-friendly and natural way!


Save old shirts and pants to wear while painting , gardening or anytbh9ing while doing eghich you have high possibilty of  spoiling your clothes. Old socks can readily be used for polishing wodden or metallic surfaces or can just be simply be tied over brooms to clean cobwebs! or if you want something more interesting than turn it into puppets by simply sewing few buttons and colourful peices of cloth and wool. Your old , worn out curtains can be sewen into shopping bags or storage bags. Got an old jeans that you have got bored of wearing or ikts style has got ouit of tend or simply it has worn out? Don’t worry . Cut its legs and turn it into sexy shorts!


Some tyhings cannot be recycled but do require thoughtful disposal to avoid contaminating the enhvironment and thereby harming the environment as well as the people. Ask your pharmist how to dispose expired medicines and other drugs. Do not thow them into the garbage or flush them down the gutter. Also check with your local council or Poisons Information Centrebefore you throw out the miscellaneous old tins and bottles in your garage, as many of them contain harmful , poisonous substances.

A wise, thoughtful decision of ours can definately make a big difference in protecting our environment in long run and belive me our future generations will be very greatful to you for your contribution.

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