Ways to Go green in your Bathroom.


We have all heard the saying that, ‘Charity begins at home’. So if we change the words then, ‘being eco-friendly also begins at home.’ We all know that the planet earth is our home, but some of us refuse to act in that manner, and that is exactly the reason the future of this beautiful life-sustaining planet is in danger now. But as all of us usually have an individualistic view, so the process of going green would also be individualistic in nature. It doesn’t matter whether people turn eco-friendly individually or in a group, what matters is that they are doing their bit towards protecting our environment.

There is no doubt about the fact that a lot of wastage is created from every house that is on this planet. Most of the waste that a house creates is mainly in two rooms. One the kitchen and second the bathroom. The most striking resemblance of this is that both these rooms have tap of running water in them. It is said quite often that people like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Irrespective of whether it’s a fact or myth, what matters here is how should one turn this crucial part of their homes eco-friendly. Here are some simple yet extremely efficient ways to go green in your bathroom.

1 Flushing:

In the morning, we spend our time in the bathroom going about our business. After we are doing with our business, we usually flush the toilet. Flushing the toilet as we all know involves water and is crucial for the hygiene of the people. So what should one do to be able to save water when it comes to flushing? One should switch to flushes that use less water. These days new flushing technologies have been developed where one can choose whether to half flush or full flush the toilet. One should try and use the half flush and completely avoid using the full flush till necessary as half flush as its name suggests only half the amount of water that a normal flush uses.

2 Conserve the Running Water:

Every bathroom has the minimum of two taps with running water. One on the sink and the other for a bath. Water in the sink is used for washing hands and brushing our teeth etc. To save water, one should do what has been told to all of us ever since we were little kids. That is, one should always keep the tap closed while brushing the teeth, that would help save almost 30 percent of water.

Even while running a bath make sure you avoid using bath tubs completely as they are purely a waste of water. Bath tubs have been banned in many cities and countries across the globe; one such example would be the city of Mumbai. One should even try to avoid using the shower and try and take a bath with a bucket because that helps you to measure the amount of water that you will be needing to take a bath and will also make you use the minimum amount of water. Showers are no doubt important, so instead of using a shower that has a heavy flow of water, use a low-flow showerhead, as that will help to conserve almost 30 to 35 percent of water.

3. Water Heaters:

Water heaters are one of the most integral parts of the bathrooms in every home. In some cases, almost every bathroom in the house has a water heater of its own. These water heaters consume a lot of energy to be able to heat water. In some cases, the water heater is left on through-out the day. So in turn, a lot of energy is used to heat the water that is in most conditions not used at all. So what should one do? The most obvious and simple answer to that question would be that one should turn off the water heater when it is not in use. The best way would be to install solar water heaters in the house to heat the water. Solar water heaters have a panel of solar cells which convert the solar energy into heat and helps to heat up the water. In this matter, no wastage of electricity is done, and water is also heated.

4. Washing:

If there are people then, of course, there would be clothes to wash in the house. There is also a right way of washing clothes. One should try and avoid washing clothes right under the tap, instead wash the clothes in the washing machine. There is also a right time as to when should one wash their clothes. One should never wash two to three clothes in the washing machine as that would be the waste of energy and water. Instead, one should wash a lot of clothes together as it would help save more water and energy in compared to washing two to three clothes separately every day.

Once the washing of the clothes is done, the next part of it is drying. Most of the washing machines these days come with the technology of automatically drying the clothes. This automatic way of drying clothes involves using energy and in one manner it is also the wastage of energy. One should consider drying their clothes in a natural manner that is one should line up their clothes on a string in the air and the clothes would dry automatically. This is the olden and the best way of drying clothes. When the clothes are out in the sun, it also helps to kill the germs that were present in the clothes.

5. Special Steps:

Here are some special steps that you should take to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. The first would be that one should try and switch to towels made out of organic cotton. As growing of organic cotton involves less amount of fertilizers.

The chemicals that we use in our bathrooms to clean ourselves should also be replaced with the natural substances. For example, one should consider washing their hair with natural products like egg and use Multani Matti on their face, instead of the products that have high amounts of the chemical. To clean the bathroom floor, one should try and use white vinegar.

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