Ways to Save Electricity at Home


Going green is just not about planting trees and protecting the forests and all the vegetation that is present on the face of this earth. But it is also about being eco-friendly and safeguarding the nature, and it’s natural resources. Almost all the activities that we do in our day to day lives involves the usage of natural resources. The electricity we get our way of commutation and any other thing possible. Electricity and commutation are one of the most important aspects of our lives. We cannot imagine our lives without electricity in any manner. The electricity that makes our life so much simpler is in most cases derived from burning the natural resource of coal.

Coal is a fossil fuel that is formed out of dead plants converting into peat and peat later converted into lignite. This process takes millions of years. Now, Coal is one of the fastest depleting natural resources of the earth. It has been used for a very long time. In the earlier days, it was used for fueling trains. Since the beginning of time, it has been used to produce electricity. Though there are many other ways of producing electricity, coal still continues to be the largest source of electricity. As we all know coal needs to be burned to be able to produce energy, so this burning of coal emits a lot of not only carbon dioxide but also many harmful gases. It emits a lot of carbon dioxide because carbon is the main element of coal.

Electricity is almost in every third home in this world. The amount of electricity that we all use is quite high. And if we continue to use electricity at this rate then there would be no electricity in the years to come. So what should one do to be able to save electricity? Here are some simple steps which will help you to not only be eco-friendly but also cut down on your electricity bill.

1 Solar Heater:

Water heater is present in almost every home and most of the houses have more than one. In most of the houses the water heater is left on throughout the day. There is no doubt about the fact that hot or warm water is required because the water coming is too cold to even touch. But this does not clearly justify this action, as it uses and wastes a lot of energy. So an eco-friendly way of heating water would be shifting to solar water heater. Solar water heaters have a panel with solar cells which generate the water heater and heats the water. It is an eco-friendly way as it is using the energy that is being radiated b the sun.

2 Appliances:

If there is electricity then there would be electrical appliances too. These electrical appliances use a lot of energy in order to carry out the task for which they are purposed for. Most of the times when we go out to buy electrical appliances we do not concern ourselves with the amount of energy they would be using or whether they would be producing some harmful gases like CFCs. But this is high time we concerned ourselves with these little things and not buy some specific electrical appliances because they are cheap. Instead make an investment which would benefit us in a longer time. So the next time around when you are out to buy some electrical appliances check the star-ratings for that product. Even though, the ratings of the appliances keep on changing, it is better to go for the appliances which have 5-star rating as in the longer run they would use less energy and in the future as the ratings get old, the amount of energy it would be using wouldn’t be as high as the other products available on the market.

3 Feel the Light:

Our solar system has one of the most natural sources of light and that is sunlight. Before the invention of electricity, everyone worked in sunlight. Their day ended when the sun set and that’s the time they would go off to sleep. Even though those days are gone and now we have the great electricity, but that does not mean that we can do away with that practice completely. It is high time you get up and opened up the curtains of your room and let the sunlight come in and brighten up the room, instead of those bulbs and tube lights which use a lot of energy.

4. Weather:

We have a cycle of seasons on Earth and the two extreme seasons would be summers and winters. As each season sets in we make use of the electrical products which can makes us feel quite opposite of the weather that is outside our homes. In summers we have air conditioners and in winters we have room warmers. Both these electrical products use a lot of energy in order to regulate the temperature of the room. The first and the most important step should be that one should not be dependent completely on the air conditioning and should switch to much more easier ways of regulating the room temperature. For example during summers, one should install ceiling fans and use them instead of air conditioners. It is an obvious fact that a ceiling fan uses less energy than an air conditioner. A ceiling fan is no doubt the best way of keeping cool indoors during summers.

Even during winters, it is extremely cold inside the house. But one should not start using the heaters till one feels an extreme necessity of it. One should dress according to the weather at home. But sometimes it is hard to avoid using the heaters completely, in such a case even turning down the temperature by one degree or so as even such a simple step as that would help to save a little energy. As higher the temperature the more energy is used in heating the room. One should also try that every one of the house should sit together in that one room where the heater is on. While in the night time the heaters should be switched off as one would sleep in the extreme warmth and comfort of their blankets


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