What is Biofuel Energy


The Motorcar

Due to the relative rookie status of biofuels, large car manufacturers are reluctant to put all their eggs in the biofuel basket. The overall benefits to the consumers, and indeed the planet are, as yet, unfounded. Many other industries have taken a similar stance and refuse to make the jump into the production of this technology as a sustainable form of energy – at least, that is until further research is carried out. Many people argue that the reason the car industry has got aboard the biofuel wagon is because of pressure from governments over the pollution issues surrounding fossil fuels. Cars on our roads are on the increase and they are starting to play a big part in the world’s pollution and contributing greatly to the health and respiratory problems in people all over the world.

Running Out Of Gas

Some experts are saying that fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel could very well dry up within the next one hundred years. This is certainly an eye-opener. Could you imagine the logistical and economic repercussions of such an event? Naturally this has got certain people up from behind their desks onto their feet and seriously contemplating the alternatives.

Bio Sources

Biofuels are a very pliable replacement for fossil fuels. They come in many forms and two examples are as follows:

  • Biodiesel
  • Biopetrol

Biodiesel is a produce of crops grown containing a high concentration of natural oil and put through a process of hydrogenation or refining to create a more compatible, substitute biodiesel. This can be mixed with a mineral diesel to be used in a diesel-powered car. A similar process is used to create a petrol by fermenting crops such as sugar cane. This creates a natural ethanol; which mixed with the petrol can produce a sort of hybrid biofuel and used in any petrol-powered vehicle. Ethanol is a very corrosive substance though and, therefore, cannot be used in aircraft or boats. These are two examples of the first generation of biofuels and both have arguments for and against with regards to their ‘not being the miracle fuel to solve the predicted extinction of fossil fuels’ and ‘being a viable, continued form of alternative energy that can take the human race forward’.

The Future

As we’ve said, biofuel technology is still young and the next twenty years will give us a good insight into whether it can be a reliable source of energy like petrol and diesel are today. At present, the dwindling fossil fuels are not common knowledge to the man or woman on the forecourt and only further scientific research will give us the outcome we will shortly all be yearning to know.

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