WikiPearl – The Food of the Future!

We are in a constant tussle with our environment. We have to make it better, but so many years of disregard and exploitation of our nature will not get resolved so easily. Thankfully, at this day and age, we have technology on our side. Green technology is advancing at a rapid pace which promises to sustain and promote a healthy green environment.

One such green tech is WikiPearl – A food that can be consumed whole. And by the whole, I mean the entire thing, packaging included. The technology is being by Wikifoods Inc., a company that is reinventing packaging of food items by going plastic free.


Wikifoods Inc. was founded in the year 2012 and is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States of America. The term WikiPearl, on the other hand, comes from the idea of David Edwards, a bio-creator and also a professor at Harvard University.

The Inception

WikiPearl was inspired by nature. The creators wondered if it would be possible to design packaging of foods and beverages the way nature packs its fruits and vegetable. Like the skin of a grape or a coconut. Both the fruits have a skin on the outside which prevent germs and other contaminants from entering the fruity inside. Sometimes, the skin also carries a significant nutritional value in them. The same was thought for food and beverage packing – something that would be edible and also serve the purpose of preventing contaminants from entering the food inside.

The Need

These days most of our food items and beverages comes packed in a plastic container, and as we all know, plastic is not good for our environment at all. Plastic pollutes, and statistics shows that at least 15% of all wastes contain plastic. Plastic does degrade over time and remains the same creating a threat for nature. Plastics end up in the ocean harming aquatic life. Some might wonder that plastics are recycled; that should count. But in truth, only 1% of the entire plastic waste of the world is recycled and that is a very very small amount.

On the other hand WikiPearl, food items come packed in a skin which is made of compounds that are edible allowing you to enjoy the food inside as well the packaging. The ‘Wiki-edible’ skin protects the food item inside and also offers the possibility of adding a second layer of biodegradable covering such as cellulose, bagasse, etc.


WikiPearl is developing food products that come in bite-size shape wrapped with wiki food edible skin technology. They already have a list of products available and more products are being added every day. Some of their products include cheese, vegetable, soups, water and even ice-cream!

The Technology

A WikiPearl has two main parts:

According to the creators, “the skin is a protective electrostatic gel that is formed by harnessing interactions between natural food particles and polysaccharide.” This electrostatic gel prevents water and oxygen to penetrate the skin and reach the food inside.

Some WikiPearl foods and beverages




A WikiPearl Fruit!


WikiPearl foods are one step closer towards making our Earth plastic free. This technology, which won the best innovation award at SIAL in 2012, is under constant development as they look to add more food items to their offering list. Once completely developed, this technology will make packaged food obsolete and the dream of a plastic free Earth will be much closer.