Wind Energy and the Future


The conversion of wind energy into certain useful forms of energies is collectively termed as wind power. It can be done using wind pumps, windmills or wind turbines. If large wind farms are considered, then the wind turbines are all connected together to produce electric energy that could be given to the electrical grid. Wind power can also be used as a very good substitute for fossil fuels because it’s renewable, clean and does not release greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere. A wind farm consists of several wind turbines that are all set up in a particular location to enable the production of electricity. A wind farm can also be located offshore, in farms and several other windy areas. Wind energy is a renewable form of energy that can be replenished time and again.

The wind power at offshore areas:
Here the wind energy plants are set up in larger bodies of water that have the capacity to generate electricity. These areas have more powerful winds and can help reduce a lot of energy when compared to the land based projects. The leading turbine operators for offshore wind turbines are Siemens and Vestas. The largest offshore wind farm in the world is the one that produces nearly 630 Mw of energy. This is the London Array and is situated in United Kingdom. The largest wind farm project that is still under construction is the Gwynt Y More that would be able to produce nearly 576 Mw of energy.

Why does wind power need to be used more often?
1) Renewable energy:

The Wind is our natural energy resource and is abundantly available. It can be produced time and again since it is a bountiful energy resource. It is also used in the leading nations of the world to meet their growing demands of electricity. It is said to be the cleanest form of energy that makes it an excellent substitute for the fossil fuels.
2) Reduced initial costs:

As we all know that wind energy is available in abundance, the costs required in the set up of the wind turbine project is also very low. The main cost that is required is just for the installation of wind turbines and nothing else. Furthermore, it doesn’t waste the land that is used for these purposes since it can be used in areas where farms are already present. Thus, agriculture and wind power can be handled at the same location. Also, if solar energy is also harnessed combine with this, then it can be said to be cheap, reliable and also a great source of energy.

3) Reduces the use of any fossil fuels:

If all the major nations of the world use a significant amount of the wind, solar energy, then the amount of fuels that are used throughout the world can be reduced. The always increasing demand for the fossil fuels could be decreased just by switching over to wind energy. Also, the harmful gas emissions that could cause issues like global warming are also reduced. Global warming is mainly caused due to the emission of carbon from the burning of fossil fuels.
4) No air or water pollution:

Wind energy is an immaculate source of energy that does not cause any harm to the environment. It is one such form of energy that will always exist till there is an availability of wind. It doesn’t release any of the toxic gases that could harm the environment. Wind energy can be best harnessed in extremely windy areas like the coastal regions. Here in these locations, the wind forces are powerful, strong and steady. This will reduce the fluctuations in the production of energy and give a steady performance. The location that is best suited for the production of wind power should essentially have a constant flow of air and sudden outburst of wind as well.
5) Jobs for all:

Wind energy apart from being a good natural resource has also helped by providing jobs for the local people. It is said to have created a huge amount of opportunities for the people in rural areas. Most of the wind turbines are located in remote hilly regions where there is a maximum availability of wind. The people lying in these remote areas can be provided with jobs too.
6) Wind power has enormous potential:

The potential of wind energy is enormous which can be approximated to about 400 TW. Also, wind energy can be feasible in most of the locations because it does not require a huge capital to start with.
7) Extremely efficient for a particular space:

Even though the amount of space that is required to set up these projects is large, the enormous energy that is produced through it compensates for the large space. They also are said to satisfy energy demands that account to nearly 600 average homes (in the US). Also, they can be set up in farms that turn out to be a major advantage. Wind power generation with the possibility for agriculture in the same location is advantageous. In fact, even solar energy has been harnessed in such areas.
The growth of wind power has seen remarkable changes and is extremely rapid. It provides 2.5% of the entire electricity production of the world and is said to grow by nearly 25% every year. It helps in solving issues like global warming and fights the enormous demand for fossil fuels too.

Though wind energy has several advantages, it also comes with certain disadvantages that have made people re-think about the wind turbine installation in their areas.
Since the wind turbines are always set up in large numbers, they are said to generate a lot of noise. The people who stay in the proximity of such areas are sadly facing this issue. This is why the wind turbines shouldn’t be located in areas where people reside. They should be set up in remote areas or preferably offshore. But there have been several modifications in the wind turbines and the newer sets are said to generate lower noise.
Wind power is also said to be a little unreliable owing to the fluctuation in the wind forces. Hence, it is not considered to be a best base load energy source and is most likely to be used only as a substitute or an alternative if the base power fails.

Thus, wind energy is an excellent alternative and serves to be one for the cleanest source of energy available.

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