How to Be Eco Friendly – Easy Tips

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The environment threats are getting higher with the growing population. But, it’s in our hands that we can help protect our planet from being a worse place to live. Keeping our planet safe and free from dirt should be our first priority. There’re lot of things we do every

What is Organic Food? Organic Food Benefits

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What is organic food? What are the advantages of organic food? These are the questions that may arise in anyone’s mind when she/he has been advised to eat organic food rather non-organic food. Organic foods are grown with no hormonal additives and growth enhancers. They are supposed to be

Tips on How to Save the Environment

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Environment plays a very vital role in our lives both physical and mentally. Living in a polluted area could cause many health concerns, simply damaging and reducing our life. It’s our duty to keep our environment clean, free of dirt and to avoid things causing it to become polluted.

How Global Warming and Climate Change Could Affect Our Life

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Being an inhabitant of this planet, we should all care about it and reduce the risks causing it to become worse. Global warming is one of the biggest threats our planet is facing now and unfortunately it’s getting higher with the time moving. The more pollution we create, the

What is Greenhouse Effect? How Can We Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases

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You might have been taught about global warming and greenhouse effect in the school or college. But now, you’re unable to define exactly ’what is greenhouse effect’ and what causes global warming. No fuss, we’ll let you know all about it, making you aware of how it could affect

Teach Your Kids to Protect Planet Earth

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Are you looking for some quick tips for how to save the earth? Our guide for how to teach your children to save earth will give you the perfect solution. Yes, we took great consideration to compile this guide. We always speak of leaving a planet to our children,

Simple Steps to Control Your Carbon Footprint

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Do you want to know how to reduce carbon footprint? There are many ways you can contribute to the wellbeing of your planet. All it needs is thoughtfulness. Following, we are going to help you develop that with some easy tips. Change the Lightbulbs This is a surprising start